Midweek Pennant Grand Finals - 04 Apr 17







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Benalla 2

Rutherglen BC

Ross Rankin





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Neil Pryor






Mulwala Services

Neil Pryor



  • Start Time.  Games to commence at 9.30am. Roll up at 9.15am. Play 25 ends played straight through. Aggregate score to decide the winner. In the event of a tie, an extra end is played by all rinks to decide the result.
  • Home Team.  The first named team is to act as home team, ensure that team sheets are made out, signed and handed to the Regional Representative who will:Rings. Teams are to use Club coloured rings. If competing Clubs have conflicting colours the “visiting team” is to use an alternative colour or no rings.
    1.  phone results to Dawn Fox 0357 214271 .
    2. collect the Team Sheets and forward to Dawn Fox, Mid-week Pennant Recorder 46 Swan St., Wangaratta, 3677
    3. The Side Captain (Manager). To collect $8.00 per player and hand to the Regional Representative who will pay the Host Club. If teams have emergencies or non-playing managers requiring afternoon tea, please let them know prior to the day of the final and pay $5 per person to the host club.
  • The Host Club is to:
  1. Arrange umpires.
  2. Provide a Master Scoreboard and an attendant.
  3. Provide light lunch of sandwiches or salad roll after the game.
  • Raffle.     The Host Club can run a raffle after the game.
  • Final games are not abandoned, if games are postponed due to inclement weather the game must be completed later in the day or if that is not possible, the following day or a date to be advised by the Pennant Committee.
  • Please refer to O&M Pennant Rules of Competition (Rule 8 and 9) in regard to Finals Conditions of Play and player eligibility. (below)
  • Any queries in regard to the finals to Neil Pryor Ph 0439161573 or neil.pryor@outlook.com


RULE 8.                  FINALS.  The conditions for the Pennant Finals are as follows:

8.1                            All Finals are to commence at 1:00pm for the Weekend Open Pennant or 9:30am for the Midweek Pennant on the day programmed. Afternoon tea is to be taken where programmed by the Regions Pennant Committee.

8.2 Allocated Venues will be made by the Pennant Committee at the end of the last home and away game. The two finalist sides are to agree on the venue allocated. Any objections to the allocated venue must be received by the Ovens and Murray Bowls Region Inc Secretary on the Thursday (Midweek Pennant) and Monday (Weekend Pennant) prior to the relevant Final being played. If agreement cannot be reached by the two competing Clubs, on an alternate venue, the game will be played at the venue allocated by the Pennant Committee.

8.3 The Finals are to be played under the Page System for all Divisions. The conditions for the Finals are as follows:

8.3.1                         Qualifying Final:- 1st versus 2nd

8.3.2                         Elimination Final:- 3rd versus 4th.

8.3.3 Preliminary Final:- Winner of Elimination Final versus loser of Qualifying Finals.

8.3.4 Final:- Winner of Qualifying Final versus winner of Preliminary Final.

8.3.5 Semi-Finals and Finals shall be played right out unless it is impossible for one side to win in the number of ends remaining to be completed.

8.3.6                         In Semi-Final and finals games, should sides obtain equal number of shots at the completion of the game, an extra end or ends shall be played by all rinks to decide the winners.

8.3.7 During the Finals of the Pennant competition, the club highest on the ladder will be deemed to be the home side. 

RULE 9.                  PLAYER ELIGIBILITY - refer Bowls Victoria Rule 13

C(iii) (iv) (v)

9.1 Prior to the last four rounds of sectional play there shall be no restrictions on the interchange of players between the sides of the Club. For the last four rounds of sectional play, no side shall include more than three players who have played the majority of their games during the season in a higher graded side.

9.2 A side shall not include in any post sectional match, a player who during the current season who has played in four or more matches (whether completed or not) in any higher graded sides, unless the player has also played in four or more games (whether completed or not) in that competition (Midweek Open and Weekend Open) [must play 4 games in the respective Midweek competition and the Weekend competition to be eligible to play in either sets of finals] or in the side concerned and/or any lower graded side or sides. 

 Where a Club has two sides in either Pennant Division the following qualification will apply to sides in that respective.  For 2016-17 this also applies to clubs in Mid-week Open 1A and 1B with two teams in these divisions and in Weekend B2 division.

9.2.1                         At the conclusion of round 10 the Regions Pennant

Committee will name 12 players in each side ‘belonging’ to that particular side, and as such, ineligible for interchange between the two sides in the same Division.

9.3                            In any post sectional match a side shall not include any player who during the current season has played in less than four Pennant games for the club.

9.4                            If a club is not certain of having sufficient members available (under Rule 9.2) it can apply to the Pennant Committee for permission to play, another nominated

member or members and if permission is granted such member or members can play in any position other than Skip.